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Super strong NdFeB magnetic Bar 14000Gs SUS316 stainless steel thread easy install

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Standard magnetic rods have a diameter of 25mm
  • The peak strength on the magnetic rod surface is 14000 Gauss
  • Rare earth magnetic circuit design, extreme heat resistance up to 338°F
  • SmCo magnetic system can withstand temperature up to 662°F
  • Surface material 316L cold drawn seamless tube

Product Details

High-strength rare-earth magnet rods are very effective in removing submicron ferrous and paramagnetic contaminants from free-flowing products such as powders and liquids.

Factors affecting magnetic force

Magnetic induction line density on surface of magnet

Magnetic field gradient

Adsorbed metal particle weight

Integrate the rod into the machine with minimal engineering effort.
Both ends of each rod are marked with M6 threads for ease of installation, or without threads or with studs, which can be specified when ordering.
Many sizes in stock are available for same-day shipping.

Optional configuration

Multiple field strength designs to meet different temperature resistance needs

The magnetic rods' length can be customized (from 4"to 80")

Both ends of the magnetic rod can be plain and sealed, threaded rod, threaded hole or welding handle, etc.


Material handling

Plastic pellets, sugar powder, pharmaceutical powders, cheese, rice, grain, food  additives, chocolate sauce, jam, etc.

Remove iron impurities from liquid piping

Used as quality inspection tool for dry powder materials

Used in work areas where conventional magnetic grids/grates cannot be installed

Magnetic Clear Co., Ltd.

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Landline: +86 18950985859

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