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Self-Cleaning Plate House Magnets Food particles processing and filtration

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Easy to clean pipeline magnetic separation / Magnetic plate in the house / Food particles processing and filtration

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Automatic iron unloading, more higher productivity, saving labor costs
  • Ceramic magnet circuits or rare earth magnetic circuitsis are suitable for tramp metal or fine metal
  • Quick cleaning with extractor plates
  • Compact structure and small volume can save installation space
  • Discharging iron outside the flow channel can avoid secondary pollution

Product Details

Self-cleaning hump magnet consists of two plate magnets, stainless steel housing and one iron self-unloading system. Two plate magnets are arranged on both sides of the V-shaped chute to ensure that the magnetic surface and material are in full contact to enhance the iron removal effect. Material is forced to change directions and then pass over a second magnet for additional ferrous removal. Self-cleaning hump magnet apply the PLC module to controll self-unloading system, and need to stop the production line during unloading.

Our high-strength electromagnetic chute magnet has been carefully designed to operate in harsh conditions and less polluted environment, and can absorb relatively large amount of materials, such as nuts, bolts, etc

The unit has two hinged, high intensity magnetic packs, which are secured to a housing by an adjustable hinge arrangement and tri-cone locking nut. These tri-cone nuts ensure even pressure is generated around the food grade silicon seal. The chute magnet can be incorporated into any form of vertical or angled pipe or chute section. A common installation location is raw material inlet points for products such as grain, rice, corn, bran and animal feed etc. A central diverter is mounted on the inlet. This directs processed product onto the magnetic face ensuring a high contamination removal rate.


Self-cleaning hump magnets are mainly used for powder streams in free-fall or chute applications. The chute angle may not exceed 45° from the vertical.

Material handling

Feed, peanuts, grains, sawdust, fiberglass, plastic, rubber and other materials, etc.

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