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Program controlled automatic cleaning electric magnetic separator

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Stainless steel box, sturdy structure
  • Uniquely designed iron discharge export and miscellaneous iron removal device
  • Replaceable wear-resistant sleeve protects the magnetic rods from wear
  • Specially designed scraper ring system to enhance iron removal efficiency
  • Automatic iron unloading through remote control of the circuit save labor costs

Product Details

Our program-controlled separation iron flow equipment combines the advantages of Auto-Shuttle and Rota-Grid devices into one. Auto-Rota shuttles can screen difficult bridge and/or agglomeration products 24/7 without manual intervention.

The self-cleaning magnetic grate separator adopts a strong rare earth magnetic circuit design, which has a good performance for removing small impurities. The self-cleaning magnetic grill combines super strong continuously cleaning or automatic discontinuously cleaning can be available. When cleaning the iron, you can decide whether stop the production line according to the layer numbers of the magnetic bars and the cleaning method.

The system can even be completely cleaned without stopping the process, enabling continuous production.

The unit is equipped with a pre-programmed PLC that can work independently or can be connected to a central control room system for remote activation or monitoring. The entire system maintains airtightness throughout normal operation, making it suitable for environments requiring ATEX equipment.

Optional configuration

A variety of field strength and temperature tolerance criteria are available

Single or multi-row magnetic grids are available, can be designed according to user requirements

Optional automatic continuous or automatic intermittent iron removal

Unloading method can choose scraper model or double sleeve model

Surface treatment can choose sandblasting, polishing,  satin-finished, etc.

Optional remote control module, communication module, safety door, transparent window and explosion-proof design, etc.


Remove the small miscellaneous iron mixed in the free-falling powder or granular material. Automatically and continuously in iron unloading.

Material handling

Sugar, coffee powder, rice, plastic particles, resin particles, food additives, refractory matter, etc.

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