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Magnetic Drawer Magnet Protect conveying line Simple installation and cleaning

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Magnetic drawer / Easy to clean pipeline magnetic separator / Strong magnetic cleaning separator

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Integral surface material are stainless steel
  • The peak field strength on magnetic rod surface can be 14000 Gauss
  • No wear parts need to be frequently replaced
  • Can be used under the most rigorous sanitary environment
  • Sanitary or non-sanitary type design can be chosen

Product Details

The permanent magnet high-strength magnetic separator is carefully designed to operate in fluid / particle transportation routes to provide protection against iron and paramagnetic pollution.

Magnetic drawer magnet can effectively remove the fine iron mixed in free-falling powder or granular material. Through configuring double-layer sleeve outside the magnetic bar surface, fast iron removal can be achieved by manually separating the magnetic system and outer sleeve. Another way is through teflon scraper and stainless scraper ring, each layer of magnetic bar can be pulled separately to achieve quickly iron unloading. Both models need stop production line when iron unloading. For powdery and easily clogged materials, we can equip a vibrator on drawer magnet box to prevent material from accumulating on magnetic rod surface.

The device contains a double-row high-strength magnetic rod array. It fixes the flowing iron in its shell by releasing the magnetism, thus ensuring that the magnetism in the device remains strong and balanced.

Optional configuration

A variety of field strength and temperature tolerance criteria are available

Single-layer or multi-layer magnetic grids/grates can be designed according to user requirements

Sanitary or non-sanitary type design can be chosen

Inlet and outlet connection method can choose: round edge, quick clamp, flange, etc.

Surface treatment can choose sandblasting or polishing,etc.


It has good adsorption effect for effectively removing the small miscellaneous iron mixed in the free-falling powder or granular material.

Material handling

Sugar, coffee powder, rice, plastic particles, resin particles, food additives, refractory matter, etc.

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