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Industrial application magnetic bar cheap high-performance high-temperature plastic battery factory conveyor line

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Conveyor line protection / Pipeline magnetic cleaning / Cheap magnetic separation

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Standard magnetic rods have a diameter of 25mm
  • The peak strength on the magnetic rod surface is 14000 Gauss
  • Rare earth magnetic circuit design, extreme heat resistance up to 338°F
  • Surface material 316L cold drawn seamless tube
  • End can be welded handle or cover as a testing tool

Product Details

High-strength gratings are versatile and can be used in most powder, granular and liquid applications to remove ferrous and paramagnetic contaminants in sub-micron sizes.

These units can be manufactured in any size and have any number of rods to meet the needs of most applications.
The low side frames of the grille mean that they can be installed in existing chute or machinery with restricted height.
The grid is particularly meaningful for OEMs who want to incorporate it into their machinery with a minimum amount of redesign.

· Simple installation                            · Remove micron contaminants
· Reduce the risk of "spark"               · Meet audit requirements


Magnetic Material: Rare Earth Neodymium lron Boron-(NdFeb)
Tubing: 316 grade stainless steel
0ther Parts: 316 grade stainless steel

Surface Finish: Polished to 0.6um


Due to the high-intensity magnetic field and simple design, the fixed grid requires more effort than the "simple design" design of Eclipse Magnetics. Remove the grille from the treatment position and push the contaminants into each rod. This will release most of the attracted pollutants.


Always applying for dry free-falling powder or granular in silos, irregularly shaped hoppers, closed chutes and other slopes and vertical pipelines to removal iron.

Material handling

Plastic particles, sugar, rice, cereals, food additives, milk powder,etc.

Magnetic Clear Co., Ltd.

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Landline: +86 18950985859

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