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High temperature strong magnetic samarium cobalt custom engine

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High temperature resistance / High coercive force / Engine magnet

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • all series SmCo magnet can be done with various size and shape and property.
  • highest level of mass production.
  • also can manufacture based on customers design and with special characteristics
  • High demagnetization resistance, good temperature characteristics
  • Can process different sizes and shapes, widely used in instruments, meters and other fields

Product Details


The SmCo permanent magnet have two types available:1:5 type (SmCo,)&2:17 type(Sm-Co,).Sintered samarium cobalt magnets are very brittle, so traditionalmachining techniques cannot be applied. If machining is required, high concentration diamond grinding wheels is best selection, and water or oil coolant is necessary.


Application field 

The SmCo permanent magnet mainly applications are servo-motors, pump couplings, and sensors.The SmCo permanent magnet can be used in high-temperature, high-humidity and corrosive environment.


The curie temperature of SmCo magnets is 710 to 880℃. The maximum operation temperature is 250 to 350℃.It is higher than the NdFeB materials which maximum operation temperature is 230℃. The SmCo materials have better corrosion resistance than NdFeB materials.

The SmCo materials have lower magnetic flux loss than theNdFeB materials when operation temperature is above 150℃. SmCos magnet has(BH) max of about 18 MGOe(140kJ/m2) and Br reversible temperature coefficient of-0.05%/C.

Sm, Co, magnet has(BH) max of 30 MGOe (240kJ/m2), Sm, Co,, magnet has poor machining ability, Sm, Co,, material cost is lower than SmCo, due to less cobalt containing.

Sm, Co, magnet has excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature stability. It has the lowest reversible temperature coefficient of all rare earth alloys. The typically value is-0.03%/C.

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