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High hardness toughness Alnico magnet customized high temperature resistance

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High hardness / High hardness toughness Alnico / customized high temperature resistance Alnico

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • High temperature resistance
  • High hardness
  • Customizable
  • High magnetic
  • High magnetic flux, high coercive force

Product Details

· Summarize 

The AlINiCo permanent magnet materials are primarily composed of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, copper and titanium, AlNiCo is produced by casting or sintering process.

The casting type AlNiCo magnets have better magnetic properties than sintering type, but the magnetic performance uniformity of sintering AlNiCo magnets is better.

Grades of Alnico is defined by cobalt content, the range from zero

(AINiCo 3) to 40%(AINiCo 8).

The isotropic AlNiCo magnet grades (2,3 and 4) magnetic properties are relatively lower than anisotropic AINiCo magnet(AlNiCo 5,6.8 and 9); The anisotropic grades AlNiCo magnet orientation is achieved during heat treatment, by cooling the product from a temperature of about

2000°F(1093C) at a controlled rate, within a magnetic field which confoms to the preferred direction of magnetization.

· Application field 

AlNiCo magnet application newly developed: temperature-sensitive as hall-effect and MR-based automotive electronic sensors.

The traditional applications include magneto, TWT amplifiers.

actuators, motors and Instrument.

In many applications they are replaced by the rare earth permanent-magnets.· 


The coercive force of AlNiCo magnets is very low, so it can be easily demagnetizated by reverse magnetic force, impact or touched each other, so AlNiCo magnets should be stored and packed with the magnetic poles opposing each other.

In open magnetic circuit, the ration of length/diameter (L/D) of the AlNiCo magnets should be at least 4:1. If it is less than 4:1, AlNiCo magnets property will be easy to diamagnetism.

AlNiCo magnets have good corrosion resistance, no coating is needed for surface protection.

AlNiCo magnets have the lowest Br temperature coefficient which is -0.02%/C so they have excellent temperature stability.

The maximum operation temperature of AlNiCo magnets is 550℃.

· Others 

AlNiCo magnets are extremely difficult to machining because they are very hard and brittle.

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