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Customized magnetic separator magnetic plate can be adapted to equipment super magnetic animal husbandry applications

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Custom magnetic plate / Adapt to the customized performance of equipment installation / Custom shape performance magnetic separation flat shape

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • All stainless steel enclosure
  • Ceramic magnet circuits or rare earth magnetic circuitsis are suitable for tramp metal or fine metal
  • Field strength on plate magnets surface up to 12000 gauss
  • Rare earth double thick magnetic plates are available for the most rigorous environment
  • Sanitary-level continuous welding effectively avoid cracks, holes or cracks

Product Details

Our high-strength underflow magnets are designed to work under harsh conditions

Conditions with relatively large pollution dimensions, such as nuts and bolts. The device contains two magnetic poles that generate a high-intensity magnetic field.

Permanent plate magnets are widely used to remove miscellaneous iron from cascade free-flow products, when material flow over magnetic plate surface,  the iron contaminants such as bolts, nuts, wire, screws and others are absorbed on magnetic surface.  Permanent plate magnets can be designed into a variety of sizes and strengths to meet specific plant environment and operational requirements. The stainless steel surface is equipped with magnetic collector strips or barrier strip to enhance the surface magnetism strength.

The unit is fixed to the chute by a hinge and an elbow clamp device. The elbow clampensures uniform pressure around the seal to prevent any product leakage. Underflow magnets can be incorporated into any form of elbow or chute section. The common installation location is the raw material import point of grain, rice, corn, bran and animal feed products. Two catchments ensure that the pollutants attracted are not "washed away.

Optional configuration

A variety of magnetic circuit and temperature tolerance criteria are available

The size of plate magnet can be customized according to requirements

Optional sanitary grade and non-sanitary grade welding requirements

Optional number and type of magnetic poles

Surface treatment can choose sandblasting, polishing,  satin-finished, etc.


Plate magnets are designed to remove unwanted tramp metal from free flowing materials, but is only suitable for process flows with little ferromagnetic contamination.

Material handling

Feed or grain, sugar, plastic particles, resin, wood chips, fruits and vegetables, corn or potato chips, etc.

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