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Bullet Magnet high intensity Rare Earth magnetic material prevent tramp iron

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Bullet Magnet / Easy to inspect Plate separator / Rare Earth deep magnetic field seperator

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • All stainless steel constructure
  • Standard design is suitable for high pressure pipeline
  • High strength
  • Stainless steel magnetic cone attached to dust-tight cover can be released easily by special clamps
  • Do't need to support the additional weight of access door when cleaning, reduce working strength

Product Details

Housed bullet magnets are ideal for the removal of tramp type contamination, for example nuts, bolts, staples etc., from gravity and pneumatically conveyed pipelines.

The unit is designed to prevent tramp iron from damaging expensive process machinery such as blenders, granulators, mixers and screw feed conveyors.A high intensity magnetic bullet element is centrally mounted within a stainless steel housing. The design ensures that product flow is unaffected by the magnetic element.

The bullet element incorporates high intensity Rare Earth magnetic material which generates deep penetrating magnetic flux fields ensuring contamination is captured.


The bullet magnet is cleaned by hand. Simply release the door securing toggle clamps and open the door to gain access to the bullet element. All attracted contamination can now be removed. It is advisable to wear protective gloves to avoid any injuries from sharp attracted items.

· Sizes up to 500mm     ·316 grade stainless steel
· Metal detectable silicon rubber seal-dark blue, FDA approved
· Stainless steel toggle clamps

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Landline: +86 18950985859

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