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Advertising refrigerator sticker rubber parts printing double-sided adhesive

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Environmental protection rubber, magnetic material
  • Custom size
  • Excellent after-sales team
  • 3M double-sided adhesive mounting material
  • Mounting material

Product Details

Flexible  Magnets Plain sheets are permanent ferrite magnet material, with one  side magnetized and UV coating. It can be mounted with printed paper,  film, fabric or any other substrate. It is attracted to iron, easy to  apply, remove and change, without leaving any residue. It is anti-rust  and without demagnetized.

The standard thickness is 0.3mm (12 mil) to 1.5mm (60 mil), available in widths up to 1.5M (60 inch) wide.


l  Magnetic Property: isotropic, semi-anisotropic, anisotropic

l  Thickness: 0.2~10mm

l  Width: up to 1524mm (60'')

l  Length: 15M/20M/30M/master roll

l  Customized sizes are available.


l  Working condition: temperature 15/59 to 30/86, and relative humidity 30% to 60%.

l  Application condition: temperature change is within 40/104daily.

l  Storage condition: closed preserve avoiding sunlight, in temperature 10/50 to 35/95, relative humidity 20% to 70%

l  Shelf life: 12 months under storage condition. Unfinished material should be seal-packed

Magnetic Clear Co., Ltd.

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Landline: +86 18950985859

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